Robin Hood

Robin Hood and his merry band of men will once again rob from the rich and give to the poor! Sherwood Forest is alive again with bows and arrows, rogues in green, and the cleverness of one Robin Hood!

Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson's swashbuckling classic! Search for the treasure as pirates prepare to do battle with Long John Silver!

Canterbury Tales

Set in Medieval times, these Canterbury Tales are five delightful comedies: The Wife of Bath, The Knights Tale, The Priest's Tale, The Pardoner's Tae and the Alchemist's Tale.

Summer Shows: Monday-Friday Camps: 9AM-5PM

Westerville - Treasure Island June 13 - 17
Powell - Robin Hood June 20 - 24
Worthington - Robin Hood June 27 - 31
Arts Castle - Robin Hood July 5 - 8 (T-F)
Dublin - Robin Hood July 11 - 15
Dublin - Treasure Island July 18 - 22
Worthington - Treasure Island July 25 - 29
Westerville - Robin Hood August 1 - 5
Dublin - Canterbury Tales August 8 - 12

Summer Camps

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Delaware Arts Castle Register Online
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